Mission Statement

Aligning artist within their power where Legacy meets Purpose.

Focus on developing artistic talent to their fullest potential as creators and artists specifically building structure and strategies across multiple business and creative platforms.

Foster a collective mindset that furthers artists on their path to build legacy and purpose.

Integrity — Maintaining clear and ethical practices. Conducting business with a code of honor.

Creativity — Seeing beyond conventional ideas. Using new approaches for innovation. Allowing the creative to lead wherever that may go, without fear of breaking the mold.

Respect — Allowing space for all individuals to bloom in a reciprocal collaborative artist-management partnership. Celebrate diverse and unique artistic voices. Approach challenges with open-mindedness, understanding and solutions.

Discipline — Showing up consistently with a goal oriented mind-set. Respecting and fulfilling commitments made to clients, colleagues and business partners.

Core Values

Growth — Building the foundation of the Tiger’s Eye based on its core values where vision becomes reality. Identifying and pursuing opportunities for the development and longevity of an artist’s career.